Big Hand Axel and the football team


Big hand Axel was a small but feeble little man of the age of 8. He had long brown hair and was handsome. He lived in the sunny countryside in Germany and could not do many things.

Image (3)

But he was brilliant at one or two things and they were…

1. Nothing

2. Also nothing

And so you see, he was not good at anything.

“I’m so useless” he told his mum after a long day of P.E.

“Well, have you tried everything?” she replied?

“Yes” Axel sighed.

“Are you sure?” she asked comfortingly.

“Well… no” he replied covering his whole face with his hand.

“You will think of something, I know you will” she said before kissing him goodnight and turning out the light.

Axel didn’t sleep well that night and his family was worried.

What’s happening? They all wondered.

What they didn’t know was that he was trying his very, very, very best to think about what he was good at.

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Later that day, Axel had had an idea. He was going to be the very best at football. He was going to show every one that he was brilliant at something. He tried to think, think, think, think, think and think until after two hours he just decided to go onto the internet.

Tap, tap, tap and tap he went at the computer onto Google searching in the toolbar. How to be a good goalkeeper? His luck was in! He found a website called

Image (4)

And he thought it was brilliant! There was everything there! He was going to be the best goalie ever! He called his friend Joe and asked him to come round and help him as he needed the best training ever. Joe was in the football team as a striker and he had scored no less than 50 goals in one term! He arrived at Axel’s house ten minutes later and Axel was as excited as a baboon with a banana.

“What’s up dude?” asked Joe.

“The trees, the sky, the sun and the moon” Axel replied.

“You make me laugh so much you know?” said Joe.

They set up in Axel’s garden with a goal supplied by Axel and Joe brought a football that was embossed with patterns.

Image (2)

They spent 30 minutes practising until Joe said…

“You know what Axel, you might actually be a star!” cried Joe jumping up and down in excitement.

“There are some football trials next Monday, I can bring one guest. And I have decided, that person is got to be you!” he said still jumping up and down.

Now Axel was doing it to. They were both so excited that they did not hear Axel’s mother call to them for lunch.

“I can’t believe that we missed the lunch call!” cried Axel, “I hope we’re not late!”

“Oh there you are boys, I started to get worried when you didn’t come for your lunch, where were you?” she asked, worriedly.

“Don’t worry mum” Axel replied, “we were just in the garden playing football, tell mum the good news Joe!”

So Joe told Axel’s mum and she looked at Axel in astonishment.

“I’m so proud Axel, but I’m not sure that you should do it” she said with a disappointed look on her face.

“Why not?” screamed Axel running up to his room in disgust. How come he could not even go to a single football trial? Who cares anyway? I was never going to get in any way, I could just try! It’s so unfair! I never get to do anything!

By now he was ragging, so he decided to just calm down and have a nap.

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By the time he woke up, his mother was standing over him. Her face seemed to say sorry… he turned away in disgust. He was still in a mood even though he had just had a sleep for the best part of three hours.

“I’m sorry dear” she said apologetically, “I just did not want you to be hurt if you did not get in” she said.

“It doesn’t matter if I don’t get in, I just wanted to try” he said.

“I understand sweetie, it’s just… just…”

“Just what?” asked Axel?

“Just try your best and hopefully get in!” she cried.

“So I’m going?!” Axel was so happy he could die!

Image (5)

The big day had arrived…

It was Monday 21st of September and Axel was nervous, what if he was a rubbish goalie? He thought against it, at least he could try.

Axel was dressed in some trainers, socks, some goalie gloves and a t-shirt and shorts. The coach was a man called Charlie Franklin and he was a plump and jolly man aged 39. Axel placed himself in the big goal covering half of it with his enormous hand, the game began and a boy called Milo ran across the pitch with the ball, he was heading for Axel!

Axel was sweating. Milo was 15 yards away and was about to shoot. He shot, tearing the ball into Axel’s hand. Axel had saved it! Axel picked up the ball up and booted it up to a boy called Roger on his team. The game went well for Axel and he was sure he would get into the team. Charlie Franklin told everyone to sit down while he told them that he would put a notice up on our classroom door. Well, at least he had a go to try out.

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Next morning, Axel went to his classroom and there was the notice that Charlie Franklin had put up. He put his bag onto his peg and went back outside to check the list. Surprisingly, his name was not on there! Only kidding, of course it was there! Axel was pleased with himself…he had made the team! He went back into his classroom and settled down for another long day of learning…



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  1. A few of the songs on this show were good. I am not really into new age rock. I grew up in the 90s422#8;&. There is talent out there in the rock and roll corner of music though.


  2. I think we find that each of us is usually good at something, despite having big hands, or long noses (me), being tall or being short. What excellent story with a moral in there too.


  3. I agree with poppa K. your story gets the reader’s attention and makes him (or her) want to know how it’s going to work itself out. You have a good sense of humor and it shows in you writing.
    The is a well written story and as the English football players used to say when I did something right…”well done”. (I went to a football coaching school run by an Englishman named Derick Lawther)


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