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Big Hand Axel In The Future


Big Hand Axel in the future!

Book 3 

Chapter 1

After the events of last week Axel was absolutely puffed out! He had just been into space and was the youngest person to go there! A few days ago a man from Guinness world records had come to Axels house and marked down Axels record. When Axel had gotten home he had gone straight to bed in complete stillness… he actually didn’t go… his dad had to carry him up to his bed. He had had to miss the match because he had stayed in space to long. But luckily Axels school had won the match! The score was 3-1 at penalties. At least there was one benefit in all of this.The next day Axel went downstairs to breakfast the next day in a mood he didn’t know why! But when his mum announced the arrival of another special guest Axel was in an even  more grumpy mood! How come no-one ever told him about special guest’s! He wondered who it was… was it Uncle Zed? Was it Grandma Puffer? After Axel had finished his breakfast he got down and went outside with a football and went over to the nearby park. He practised dribbling and shooting and punching the ball with an anxious face! The guest was to come today at 12:00. His mum had pulled him out of school so he could meet the special guest. “To be truthful he thought, I am actually not that eager. He wasn’t.After three- four hours Axel heard, or thought he heard his mum calling him from the house. He went back to his house to see a white Land Rover parked outside his house. It was a lovely thing. With a stamp on its window. He went inside to hear people talking. He went into the living room to see his mum and dad siting on the sofa. On the other single seated chair was a boy a bit smaller than him. He had a small freckled face with glasses and short blond hair. It… was…

Annoying Andrew!!!!

Why did it have to be Annoying Andrew? Annoying Andrew was annoying and Annoying and ANoying and ANNoying and ANNOying and ANNOYing and ANNOYING! Annoying Andrew had done a lot of stupid and annoying things in the past. Like the time when he had slipped on bubble wrap with bare feet? And the time he accidentally fell off the top of a table and into a cardboard box! Annoying Andrew was Annoying a-n-d stupid! Axel’s mum made Axel say hello to Annoying Andrew with great enthusiasm.

“Andrew! You need to be careful with Axel. He has just been in space and he is tired and distinguished” she said to Andrew.  

“Ok Aunt smelly or is it dinner?” asked Annoying Andrew.

“Neither Andrew! Stop being annoying!” replied Axel’s mum.

Axel went upstairs feeling disappointed. Annoying Andrew was here and that meant he would never get any peace and quiet! He went to bed feeling worried… was Annoying Andrew going to creep into his bedroom? Worse still… he could do anything. Axel locked the door after making sure that Annoying Andrew was asleep.

Axel slept and slept until quarter past eight in the morning and was amazed to find his door open! But he had locked it when he went to sleep! He had the key in his pocket. He reached inside his pocket for the key and was amazed to see and find that it wasn’t there!!! He searched everywhere! Under the bed, in the cupboard everywhere  it could possibly be Axel checked! There was only one solution! Annoying Andrew had taken it! He went into Annoying Andrew’s bedroom and saw that he wasn’t there. His bed cover was floppy and his light was off. He went downstairs and on the way he passed his mum and dad who were coming out of their bedroom.

“Mum, dad. Have you seen my bedroom key?” asked Axel.

“No Axel. Why?” asked his dad.

“Its just that I can’t find it… that’s all” replied Axel.

Axel walked downstairs and went into the garden. Annoying Andrew wasn’t there! He then bumped into his family’s new maid. She had been hired last week and had moved into the family quite willingly. Here name was Sally and she had blonde hair and pale white skin.

“Sally, have you seen Andrew?” asked Axel.

“Master Andrew… why no Master Axel I haven’t, but could you please take this down to the basement and into the laundry?” she asked.

“Ok” replied Axel. And of he went downstairs to the basement, trooping along the hallway and down the stairs. As he approached the basement he saw a huge monument under a large cloth. Axel pulled it up and sitting on a leather seat was Annoying Andrew!!

“What are you doing here? And what is that?” asked Axel.

“Get on Axe” Annoying Andrew said mistaking his name again.

Axel got on and Annoying Andrew pulled a chain and punched in a few numbers on a keypad. Suddenly the wind was around them roaring and screaming. They came to a stop, jerking forward. They were in a sunny countryside and the sun was shinning. Suddenly they heard booming, as if a giant was coming towards them. It was. But it wasn’t a giant… it was a giant DINOSAUR!!!! A t-rex was walking towards them.

“Where are we? I don’t care where! Lets get out of here!” Axel cried.

“What? I can’t hear” Annoying Andrew said.

“Get us out of here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Axel screamed.

“Oh, ok… why didn’t you say so?” Annoying Andrew said.

And so they went into the portal again. The wind went buzzing and raging. They were back in the basement.

“What was that” Axel cried.

“I never told you what I really was because I thought it would put you and your family in danger” Annoying Andrew said quietly.

“That’s what a spy would say!” Axel replied.

“Well… I am not a spy” Annoying Andrew said.

“O…k… what are you?” Axel asked anxiously.

“I am a member of a secret science organisation. We have been on an important mission to time travel!”Annoying Andrew said.

Axel thought he was just pulling his leg… for a joke. But Annoying Andrew had a stern and positive look on his face.

“So… we just went into the Jurassic age?” Axel asked astonishingly.

“Yep” Annoying Andrew said.

Axel started to feel sick after that. The wind had made him feel quite ill. He was just about to get out of the time machine when it started to buzz. What did it mean? Most importantly… how was he and Annoying Andrew going to get out of the machine. The seatbelts had gone stiff. Suddenly they were in the portal again, the wind roaring and screaming. They came to a stop and were amazed to find they were wearing space suits! They looked around and discovered that they had come to Venus! Axel at once saw the cave in which he had discovered the aliens… and Uncle Zed. Then, Axel and Annoying Andrew saw Axel come screaming out of the cave. Annoying Andrew giggled. They went on watching to see that Axel had reached the rocket. The rocket took off. Whoooooooshhhhh! Uncle Zed came out of the cave at that same moment. He didn’t need a suit. He was an alien.

“Well… what do we do now?” asked Axel.

“What do you want to?” asked Annoying Andrew.

“Well I say we explore… what about you?” asked Axel.

“Well I am all for that!” Annoying Andrew cried leaping out of the time machine with joy.

They went around the strange planet with great satisfaction. They looked in every nook and cranny for any sign of alien technology. He finally thought to look in the big cave with Annoying Andrew. They soon arrived at the cave. Axel was just about to put his hand on the glass panel when Axel heard Uncle Zed coming.

“What are we going to do?” asked Annoying Andrew.

“ I don’t know? You’re the one in the science division!” cried Axel.

They ran over to a huge rock and hid behind it. They then saw Uncle Zed appearing around the corner. He put his hand onto the glass panel and the huge red bubble appeared, he went through it with no trouble at all. They wondered how he had gone through it. After a few minutes Axel and Annoying Andrew went into the red bubble. Axel put his hand onto the glass panel and the bubble appeared. They went through it wriggling and roughly. They finally went into the technology room. There was the computers and the radios and all the other technology. For once the aliens were not there. Axel and Annoying Andrew wondered where the aliens were. They looked around the huge rock wondering what the rock would hide. They came to a dark hallway and saw a glass door with another panel on it. Axel put his hand onto in. It glowed red with a fresh glow. Suddenly! When they were looking in through the window an alien jumped up on the other side!

“Gap to la brat dad” Cried the alien.

“Run! Its our only chance!” Cried Annoying Andrew.

“Now you say something smart?” said Axel annoyed.

They ran and ran until they could run no more! And at that same moment they heard the trap door open. Out came an ugly alien along with uncle Zed! They ran off each going a different way. The alien an Uncle Zed where tremendously fast! And soon Annoying Andrew and Axel heard them coming towards them. Annoying Andrew and Axel had turned a right instead of a left. On the left from the room would have taken them back to the time machine. And as they turned right they realised their mistake.

“OH NO! We should have turned a left!” cried Axel panting.

“Do you think we will out back a the time machine?” Asked Annoying Andrew.

“I’m not sure” replied Axel.

The alien had turned the way Axel and Andrew had went and uncle Zed had went left. Out came Uncle Zed panting. But then… he saw the time machine. He went over to it and examined it closely. ‘

“No! It can’t be. It’s a time machine! And a fine one to. But the question is… who owns it?” he said to himself puzzled. At that same moment Axel and Annoying Andrew came running out of the back door. The alien was stuck in the bubble! Uncle Zed saw them and gasped.

“Axel and Andrew. Nice to see…”

“Actually… its Annoying Andrew” said Annoying Andrew boldly.

“Anyway. It’s good to see you both working for the S.C.R!” said Uncle Zed. “The time machine is yours then is it? Well, seeing as your all here I might as well tell you my plan”

“What plan” said Annoying Andrew and Axel together.

“Well, I’ve been planning this for a long time. It requires a time machine and two dumb boys to bring it to me” said Uncle Zed.

“No way… I think that’s us” said Axel.

“My plan is to take over the world by going back in time and taking back history one at a time!” said Uncle Zed. The alien arrived at that moment and gasped at the children.

The alien took hold of Axel and Annoying Andrew as Uncle Zed climbed into the time machine. But before Uncle Zed could press a button the time machine disappeared! The alien ran back in fright and ran away screaming.

“What happened?” asked Axel.

“Well, I built a remote for it so I could send us back in time in emergencies” replied Annoying Andrew.

“What time did you send him to?” asked Axel.

“To the dinosaurs!” said Annoying Andrew grinning.

They both went up in heaps of laughter. They went back to the real-time machine. They then went back home to bed and then where happy until the end.

The End



Big Hand Axel in Space



Chapter 1

Axel was exited!!!! Not just any old exited, but extra exited!!!! He, he Axel, had made the… the… Football Team! He was tingling… he was buzzing… he was… COOL!!!

Axels teacher Mr Precordia who was a Japanese man in his mid-thirties. He had a crooked moustache which curled around. He had short, white hair which twisted and turned.

“Do not forget to go to your football training Axel, Mr Franklin is waiting for you!” Mr Precordia said shouting as Axel walked out of the door. Axel already knew what to do; Mr Franklin had told him what to do if he made the football team.

Axel raced towards the playing field dodging and trying to avoid the screaming children, they knew that school was over and they wanted to spend no more time staying at school. Axel turned a corner and bounded into the head of P.E’s office. Mr Franklin was waiting for him, his arm outstretched and handed Axel his football kit ready for training. It was a t-shirt with the “A wise man once said” school logo in the middle surrounded with poker-dots around the side of the logo. Axel took them with great satisfaction, and went to get changed.

When Axel finally got out onto the playing field, he saw all the players sat down on the field opposite the big goal on the right. I love being part of something at last, Axel thought. He loved football, he really did! He loved football s-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o much that he might write a book about it… Axels past on football! Yes… he might do it! He sat down among the rest of the team and heard Mr Franklin say that they had their first ever match next Saturday against a team called “weird always wins the war”. Mr Franklin handed out slips of paper to the team members and said they needed to be handed in by next Tuesday. They started training with dribbling around cones and then shooting against Axel. The first time Axel tried to save the shot he missed the ball by a millimetre as it smashed into the corner of the net. The rest of the shots were fine, although two people had scored against him. But he didn’t care about that, he tried his best and that is what really matters. After a long and fun hour of training he edged over to the street and into the house unlocking the door with his spare key. He barged into the house with so much force that he knocked his mum over who was just coming out to get the milk from the milkman who came three hours ago.

“O-o-u! She screamed who was that?!”

“It was only me mum” Axel replied.

“Where were you?” she asked with an angry look on her face and her hair covered her face.

“I will tell you at dinner mum” Axel said.

“Fine, we have a special guest as a surprise!” She said.

What!! A special guest? Ouch! We have a special guest and no one would tell me! I couldn’t wait until dinner.

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It was dinner time… and Axel was as excited as an animal being fed roast turkey! He was that excited!!!!!!! He didn’t have that long to wait because as soon as he was tucking into his dinner the door opened and in came the special guest, and of course his dad. The special guest was in his early thirties. He was short and was dressed in early morning clothes; a t-shirt which said on it “I rock, and maybe you to!” and brown shorts with the initials P H. Axel knew who it was immediately! But you… you little peanuts. You have to wait until the next chapter!

Ha! Ha!

Chapter 2

It was Uncle Zed! Out of all uncles, it was Uncle Zed! He had twelve uncles! Wow, Uncle Zed! Uncle Zed was a completely monstrous daredevil who did exciting stunts. He also had an amazing job. He was an astronaut! Not an astronaut that sat on his bum all day! But an astronaut who was exciting and went up into space and had adventures! The astronauts that do nothing but sit on their bums all day are weird, at very least delusional.

Anyway, where were we? Um… bum… dumb? Wait! Dumb? People these days!

Uncle Zed had arrived! Everything was going to up level and be even cooler than his normal life! “Hey sport, how are you doing” said Uncle Zed with a curious voice. He spoke with a German accent which Axel thought was rad!

“I’m great thank you, you?” Axel replied. Uncle Zed went over to the table and sat down at the empty chair. His dad did the same thing. Mum got up and went to collect Uncle Zeds dinner; A plate of beans with some mash and some bacon. They ate in silence and afterwards Axel went up to bed while the grownups stayed downstairs and talked.


Chapter 3

Next morning was the same as any morning… though even better! Uncle Zed woke Axel up early and made him come down to breakfast. Down went Axel trooping down the stairs to the dining table. On his plate were an egg and some soldiers cut out of toast. “Morning sport, sleep well?” asked Uncle Zed happily ignoring the sound of Axels sleeping dad. Axel started his breakfast. He was hungry and ate his breakfast silently and greedily. After, Uncle Zed started his “long” discussion.

“So… are you interested in astronauts?” asked Uncle Zed.

“Yes, I guess so, why?” replied Axel.

“Well, it’s just that’s there is a big launch of a spaceship that’s going to Venus and I am one of the astronauts going up in it… and I was thinking that you might like to go up with me… if you want to. What do you say?” said Uncle Zed.

“Sure, but when is it, I’ve got a football match of Saturday” replied Axel.

“The day of the launch is Friday morning, you will be at the match in time” replied Uncle Zed.

“All right then… I will go then… if I am allowed to” said Axel.

“I have talked about it with our mum and dad… and they said that you could go as long as you don’t throw up inside the ship after we take off, ok?” said Uncle Zed.

The next few days were very glum because Axel had gotten into trouble… First of all Axel had insulted his French teacher Mrs Anastasia at the annual French competition. He had said that she had once sung in the shower and a pupil had snuck into the bathroom and recorded the whole thing on a CD. The next day Axel had gotten in trouble with his science teacher Mr Bob. He had thrown a rubber and it had hit Mr Bob on the head… and when Mr Bob had asked who had thrown it… Axel didn’t own up and had to stay in at lunch time.

The next day was Friday which was the day of the launch. Axel woke up early that morning and smiled to himself. Today is going to be great Axel thought to no one in particular. And he was right! As he walked down the stairs down to the breakfast table, his mum shouted that he and Uncle Zed were going to have three bacon sandwiches with some ketchup.

Axel and Uncle Zed left for London at 12:37 both fuming with excitement. As they approached the shuttle Axel had a good look around. There were oil tanks lying in heaps on the ground. There were birds around with a crooked smile on their beaks. There was the rocket in the distance and a large amount of bricks lying around the place and Axel felt ultra-tingly!

Axel and Uncle Zed walked up to the rocket with a great feeling of satisfaction. Three people walked up and they were called Roger, Radicals and Adams. Adams was a man thought to be in his early twenties, he had long spectacles and he had short brown hair that was spiky and flat at the same time. Radicals was a man in his mid sixties and had crumbly white hair, he liked to wear long lab coats that went down to his knees. Roger was short for his age and had large muscles, he also wore long lab coats but his went to his feet and he was always falling over… he was very clumsy.

“We are ready for countdown and you need to get into the rocket and prepare for take-off” said Roger in a willing voice.

“We are going up to the rocket now Roger” replied Uncle Zed.

“What do you mean, we Zed?” asked Radicals in a confused voice.

“Me and my nephew… you knew I was bringing him… I put it in your diary!” cried Uncle Zed with that weird look on his face… he looked as if he had just seen a dinosaur!

“Oh!” he cried. “I never look in there! Don’t worry!” reassured Radicals.

Axel and Uncle Zed felt sick as they walked up the metal stairs and into the shuttle. It… was amazing! He was lucky enough to do many things like go to school and all of the other stuff that I can’t think of. He decided that he would take lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots and lots… and lots and lots of pictures when they were in space. They went over to where there were two seats with a small table of drinks and refreshments on it. As they sat down into the upside down seats a man came and took the table away… but Axel just managed to swipe three pieces of orange and a plastic cup of water. They strapped into the seats and Axel could hear the faint sound of countdown…

T 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Whoooooooshhhhhh!!!!!!! Up the rocket went zooming up into the air like two humans in a rocket… well there were two humans in a rocket… Uncle Zed and Axel that’s who! Anyway, they zoomed up into the sky and way beyond that… Axel felt as if he was going to faint! The window went from bright blue to a very black black. Somehow Axel didn’t feel safe anymore… he knew that Uncle Zed would look after him… why wouldn’t he? But somehow Axel felt un-sure.

“Well sport, you’re famous! Youngest man in space! Wow! Well… enjoy it; there are lots of planets if you look out the window. Have a look” said Uncle Zed.

Axel gazed out of the window and to his delight he saw all the stars and planets. It was very pretty! Suddenly Axel saw Venus! It was a round planet with lots of red and purple dots.

“We are about to land on Venus, hold on!” cried Uncle Zed. He had to shout because the rocket was making a lot of noise.

As Axel closed his eyes the rocket was rumbling and bubbling and fizzing and banging! The rocket came to a rest and as Axel took off his strap he was lifted off the ground and up to the ceiling!

“Put these on” said Uncle Zed throwing up a pair of shoes. Axel put them on and slowly began to float beck down to the floor. Suddenly there was a mighty roar at the door, and there was a shadow to creeping among in the darkness.

“Uncle Zed… there is something creeping around outside!” Cried Axel in a hasty voice. Uncle Zed moved over to the door and opened it. There in the doorway stood…


“There is nothing there sport” said Uncle Zed.

“Let’s explore!” cried Axel.

“Fine” replied Uncle Zed.

They went to the open door and climbed out minding the stairs as he went. They went over to a sharp rock and had a look around, Uncle Zed went one way and Axel went the other. As Axel walked along the rock he saw nothing… but after he had walk around the perimeter he realised Uncle Zed was gone. Where was he? Axel had absolutely no idea where he was! Axel decided to walk around the planet and hope that he would find Uncle Zed before he ran out of air! He walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked and walked until he saw a huge cave. He thought it looked suspicious, so he walked inside and was amazed to see a bunch of purple and green…ALIENS!!!!!!!


They were dotted with green stripes and big ears with lots of fur that stuck out like a bad hair day. Axel looked around and saw a lot of screens and computers and all sorts of technology. It was amazing. He decided to go into the building and as he went round the bend he was hit by a tremendous force… he looked up and saw a glint of glass! So there was glass at the entrance, so that must mean that there’s air inside the cave! How could he get in? He suddenly saw the solution! There was a hand print on the glass. So Axel put his hand on it and the glass slid open reviling a huge red bubble.


Axel went through it with great difficulty pushing and tugging until finally it gave way and Axel crashed through as it sent a loud bang into the air. All the aliens stopped their work and stared at Axel, just then two aliens seized hold of Axel and lifted him up and carried him to a funny looking table. They placed him down and the alien surprisingly spoke.

“Blah dal trhjd uty erf das!!!!” cried the alien to the other aliens.

“Hoof tasad ina coolpad!” cried another alien.

Axel had absolutely no idea what they were saying but he knew that it wasn’t good. The alien picked him up again and took him along a twisting passageway towards a circle door.The alien opened the door and went in. The alien put him down and as Axel turned around he stared in utter disbelief… siting in a throne was…


UNCLE ZED!!!!!!!!!!!!!








He was the leader?! Axel couldn’t believe it! What could Axel do? Then he remembered! Axel had recently started karate and he now knew how to take down a fully grown man…he just hoped that it would work on an alien. The alien had his arm on his shoulder so Axel did a mighty swift kick and then launched the alien over his shoulder. The alien lay there unconscious and Axel then made his escape, running through the door. He went along the corridor and back through the enormous red circle. Out he went and back to the ship where the crew were waiting for him.

“Go! Lets go!” Axel said to the fascinated crew. But they started up the rocket anyway and scooted back down to earth like, well…a rocket.

Axels parents were waiting for him as the rocket flew down and back onto the launch pad. They took him home quite willingly after Axel told his parents his story. They took him home and Axel went to bed.

But what of Uncle Zed?  You will just have to wait and see…!!!