Could Magic Happen?


Cary On Tuesday

Could It be Magic…
That’s what I’m thinking, every second of disasters. Though every time I want to believe that something can turn into magic I keep thinking that the chance of it is one in a million. But no-one can be positive all the time. My time is running out, and every second I spend thinking is another second to what I’m dreading. I believe that the bad things become good things. Even then I always seem to dread the bad things. Though maybe this time the bad things will become good, and I won’t have to pay the price for something that I didn’t do. Because that’s what normally happens to me in the middle of disasters. But magic could happen now. There is a possibility that my beliefs could come true, and that I would come out on top again. Maybe it could happen, it might…
It will…
It might be able to happen and I finally think that I might make it. For everything that could happen I think that I might have a chance to win over my enemy. Every time I look into my enemy’s eyes I feel a sudden urge of hope. I realise that I might not win, that I might fall. But I have to be positive, I have to keep on believing. I always keep on moving in inelegance and I think I can finally outsmart someone and win the battle. Could it be magic? Or could it be bad? I don’t really know what I’m worrying about… What else could happen? Nothing… I’m going to win…

I’m winning! I’m going to out smarten my opponent. I am using my inelegance to beat him. He’s not really that smart. He challenged me to an IQ test and he got what he deserved. It’s magic! I’m beating him and he is the smartest kid in the class! I am amazed with myself! I am finally winning at something, finally beating him! He is not going to win, he is not going to outsmart me! Once I win I’m just going to walk away, so that its fair and even. I won’t rub it in his face like I normally would, but I’m going to let the fact that he has lost soak in. He is not used to losing, and he’s not going to like loosing. Especially to me. He hates me, he always walks past me and gloats to me that he is the smartest in the class. But I will finally show him that he can’t gloat and then expect to win at something. I guess I’m learning something today. That you don’t actually have to be good to win. It just comes to you. And victory feels good, victory feels very good. And now he is going to lose…

The final question and I could win this. It’s a hard one, and I can’t believe that I can do it. But I can do it. I know this question like the back of my hand. It’s the easiest question of them all:
“The square root of 169”
Some people may think that that is a hard question to answer, but not me. I can answer it in a second! I think… My mouth begins to move… I shout the answer…
The answer is correct! I finally win what I’m destined to do! I’m free! And I can run!
I have won!
And I’m done!


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