FFAW: The Package



As I entered the temple, I felt a tingling feeling running down my spine. He was there waiting, his hands in his pockets, his hat pulled down across his face. I approached him, and he tossed me a package, wrapped in paper with a bow attached. I saw a flash of light, and spun around to see, through the crack on the wall, a man sprinting off, a camera in his hand. He ran through the temple, jumping over prices of fallen rock. My feat beat the floor as I chased after him. My tongue moved in a convulsed motion, my eyes scanning  the scenery for him. Still running, I turned my head back and saw the wall. But it was too late. My face slammed into the wall, knocking me to the ground and knocking me unconscious…

I wake up to the damp air surrounding me. Walls tower around me, surrounding the cell which keeps me captive. I realise where I am, melancholy overwhelming me, and I cry myself to sleep.

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  1. All it tells me is that Cfox is fluent in English. That you want to derail this &#io#6;d8scussi2n&18217; away from substance into terminology, tells even more. If you don’t want to be called a denier, don’t be one.


  2. Inzelifmente não tenho apostilas. Geralmente os cursos fornecem. Vou ver com as ASBs que conheço, se alguma tem apostilas ou livros para dar algumas referências para você. Se eu achar mando para seu e-mail, ok? Boa Sorte.


  3. This is wonderful! Dreaming that you are free and waking up and finding you are still in prison and how devastating that feels. Emotions and descriptions are well told! Just wonderful! Welcome to the FFfAW challenge! We are happy to have you join us. 🙂


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