Sunday Photo Fiction- Raided


Captain Jack bent down, inspecting a dent in the cannon. This was too expensive, too important to break. The recent raid had looked successful, the victims thought they had died in honour. The reality was none of these things. The raid had failed. The immense ship that looked bathed in treasure hadn’t been. The pirates had fought bravely, some had died, all for nothing. Jack bent down, and used a spit covered handkerchief to mop up a droplet of blood, resting on his first mate’s seat. He spat out the window, and sat down. He held his face in his hands, and whipped his face, beads of sweat covering his hands. He sobbed, his mind a mess.

Daniel Cook crept onto the ship with ease. His fellow pirates had gone of drinking, he knew where the captain was and he knew what he was hiding from them. He cautiously walked into the cannon room. Captain Jack sat there, his body a mess, his face covered in pools of sweat. Cook slammed his sword into the door and stamped his foot. Captain Jack looked up, his eyes full of panic, his eyes swollen from crying.

“I know what happened.” he spat, and charged forwards…

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