Three Word Wednesday- Magic


The woman dressed in thunderstorms strolled into the courtyard, her face alight with anger, her hand shaking and beating in time with the thunder. No one was around, no one would dare come out during this atrocious weather. She was not a regular person, she did not have realistic ideas. Selfish, she had been called. Many had addressed her with fouler language, believing their language was appropriate and tasteful. No more.

She closed her eyes, her pupils burning beneath her eyelids, her brain racing with thoughts. She concentrated, spells appearing in her mind. What to choose, what to choose. The constantly drunken wrecks needed to be taught a lesson. They needed payback. For so many years, they had brought her down to their level, picking on her, forcing her to turn to her spells for payback. Her spells were where she could forget rules, her usual good behaviour, and let out the emotions held within her.

She spread her arms out, gasping for breath as she whispered the words that would release her problems into the world. The sky turned dark, the clouds darkening to an eerie grey. The shadows melted into the darkness. She collapsed to the ground, her damage done.

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