Alone: A Planet Of Nothing (Part 2)


I wake to the pit-pater of rain. My mouth is dry, swollen and drool oozing out of my open mouth. I ponder on the face, the creature that disturbed my dreams, the cause of my nightmares. The swelling in my arm had stopped, the boils that once covered it reduced to dozens of red spots. I groan, wanting to fall down onto the ground, my body weak and exhausted. I make a weak attempt to crawl towards the rain, my throat sore and dry. A flash, the face illustrated before me. Another flash, the creature beckoning for me to come towards him.
My arm tumbles to the ground as I crawl towards the rain. I wither in pain, torment the only thing I feel in my arm.  The rain falls to the ground, the pit-pater beckoning my dehydrated body. I arrive at the end of the cave, my arm outstretched, waiting to collect the precious water. A drop of water forms on my hand, and I smile and attempt to bring my broken and swollen mess of an arm to my face, to drink the sweet-tasting water. My arm falls in front of my face, the spots scattered across my arm. I scream as I see the small hole in my hand where the droplet of rain had landed. The rain that I thought would quench my thirst would scar my throat and claw at my organs. I look up to the sky, the acid rain clawing at the mountains in the distance, and across the desert I see the, beckoning me towards him.


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