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Rupert George writes stories. Stories about things.

His real name is Ruptert George, but he thinks that sounds silly, so Rupert George it is.

Ruptert, sorry Rupert likes to write stories and poetry.

The second is a series called Alone, a new part coming out every Saturday. You can find this category here!

On the blog right now there are 2 series going on. The first is a book called the Justice Alliance, a new chapter coming out every Sunday. You can find this category here!

From the days Sunday-Friday, you can expect poetry, sonnets and other short stories.

He’s only 13, so if he’s not as good as you, you know why.


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  1. My cats are free of vaccine poison. Luckily even their doc knows the danger & so doesn’t push it. I give them distilled water thus avoiding the local cesspool. Also, my calico is a bonfide watchcat. If she doesn’t like so8htne&#m230;someoeing is wrong.


  2. I find I have so many ideas for series, I do a post intending to write several more, then get sidetracked chasing posts that feel more &##l;02time2y&88221;. Example – I need to finish a series on “Barriers to Worship” (the follow-ups are started but not finished). I will also do a series on “biblical foundations of worship” but I want to call it something more interesting than that.


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