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Alone: A Planet Of Nothing (Part 1)


Alone. Gone. Drifting.

Crashing through the rough atmosphere with no hope, I remember the good times. My wife, children and crew. The smile on Captain Lee’s face bringing tears to my eyes, the laughter of my three children too much to bear. I scream, my burning space suit melting and oozing into my wound. I didn’t want to remember, I didn’t want to accept it. I wouldn’t accept it, not now, not ever. My back bending into unnatural positions, my hand vibrating in a convulsive motion, my mind a blur. I thought about the good times, but I also thought of the incident… the face. I try to convince myself that there was nothing I could do, but my tears tell me differently.

I toss and turn in the sky, my final destination a few seconds away. I remember every good thing that ever happened to me, wanting to use my last precious seconds wisely. I would die with the picture of my family sketched into my mind, and there it would stay forever. The ground rushes to me, my mind accepting that the deadly truth. This was it. As I hit the ground, my mind fails my one final task. I picture the explosion, the face of destruction. As I hit the ground, I start to wonder just who… what that creature was…

I open my eyes to the sight of sand, my ears attuning to the world surrounding me. I hear nothing but the wind, the deafening sound of silence to much to bear. I had survived… I had escaped death’s clutches another time. My fingers move and grasp the scorching  sand, my left arm and leg broken. I manage to lift my head up and rest it on the sand. Voluminous mountains stretch across the land, the sand covering the entire ground. The sky is a dark red, the light fading rapidly as I try to drag myself towards an arched rock in the distance. The wind suddenly roars, brushing sand into my eyes. I scream, the sand scratching against my pupils. I blink to remove it, turning onto my back in agony, and only then do I properly see the sky. A gigantic planet covers the sky, its golden rings circling the bright blue giant. Green swirls cover the planet, swirling constantly at a marvelous pace, dazzling my mind. I realise that I haven’t moved in a while, that I have stared into the swirls, my mind in a trance. I look away, and attempt to turn back onto my front to start the journey to the safe heaven. My broken arm gets trapped under my stomach, the pain unbearable, a tingling feeling running up my arm. I scream, my eyes winced. I use all the energy I have left to rush my body up and to use my other arm to move it out of the way. I glance at the swollen mess that used to be my arm. It is pink and boils cover it from top to bottom.

I start my journey, my arm desperately clawing at the sand in an attempt to move forward. I kick my leg and move, this was going to work. I remember my backpack on my back, filled with first aid supplies. Most had been lost during my fall, but I could salvage what I had left, maybe some food, water and bandages. In order to survive on this planet, I will have to lower my expectations.

After hours of crawling and pain, I reached the arched rock. I managed to sit up and slump against the hard but protective wall of rock. I closed my eyes, the landscape drawn in my mind. In my nightmares I view the landscape again, and out of the corner of my eye I see a creature I knew too well…