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Petrarchan Sonnet (Sonnet 2)


The horrible screams ring out across the land

Babies shriek without their lovely mothers

There may seem to be not many others

With nobody to come and take their hand

Their screams louder than any other band

A daughter tries to find her lost brother

She cannot be a lovely grandmother

This event surely cannot be dreamland

A gentle nice woman holds out her palm

“Come with me I will save you pretty child”

She trusted this woman who seemed so calm

With her lovely face she kindly smiled

Her lovely lips needed no lip balm

Behind her the fire roared oh so wild


Shakespearean Sonnet (Sonnet 1)


What exactly is love without heartbreak?

ferocious winds rush through the lonely heart

but love is not always so bad or fake

why must it be that people want to part

love is always described wonderfully

why must love always be so serious

some people describe it so dreadfully

it makes me go mad and delirious

why is it that always I have to pay

I may not know what love feels like at all

why some people want to drown in the bay

but when I do I will stand so so tall

I shall not long for that moment but wait

until then my love I will set a date

Mothers Day Poem


When I first was born,
and held in your arms,
I cried and cried but you held me.

When I wanted to start football lessons,
I was rubbish and bad,
I cried and I cried but you held me.

When I didn’t get the Rubik’s Cube
I was sad and upset,
I cried and I cried but you held me.

And now that I am older
a lot smarter and a lot wiser
I have conquered these things (except football)
but when I was sad
and when I cried
I will always remember
the way you held me.

Dedicated to my mum.