FFAW: The Package



As I entered the temple, I felt a tingling feeling running down my spine. He was there waiting, his hands in his pockets, his hat pulled down across his face. I approached him, and he tossed me a package, wrapped in paper with a bow attached. I saw a flash of light, and spun around to see, through the crack on the wall, a man sprinting off, a camera in his hand. He ran through the temple, jumping over prices of fallen rock. My feat beat the floor as I chased after him. My tongue moved in a convulsed motion, my eyes scanning  the scenery for him. Still running, I turned my head back and saw the wall. But it was too late. My face slammed into the wall, knocking me to the ground and knocking me unconscious…

I wake up to the damp air surrounding me. Walls tower around me, surrounding the cell which keeps me captive. I realise where I am, melancholy overwhelming me, and I cry myself to sleep.

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The Letter (Magpie Tales)


The time had come to post the letter. I didn’t want to, but I knew that he had to find out eventually. I had been hiding the truth for too long, not wanting him to find out. I had done something wrong, something that I was sure wasn’t my fault, but would he think the same. As I wrote the letter, I didn’t know what to write, I didn’t know how to explain my actions. I had come here because I had to send it. I had realised that he needed to know, he had to be the one to decide my punishment. What I did deserved the cruelist punishment there was.

The letter was in my hand, ready to post. The wind had an eerie coldness that sent a shiver down my spine. The cars and pedestrians walking away like there was nothing wrong. In the back of my mind I wondered if I was doing the right thing. Sending my confession. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a car speed down the road, its sirens blazing. I panicked, shoving the letter inside the letterbox. Three burly policemen ran out and sprinted towards me. I stood silently still, my arms outstretched, waiting for the clutch of the policemen on my shoulders.

Sitting in his comfy chair, Rob Saunders silently turned on the news. His wife walked into the room, a bunch of letters in her hand. One was from their daughter. Rob curiously opened the letter, a surprised look on his face. She didn’t send letters. His wife gasped and pointed to the television screen. At the same time, Rob dropped the letter and stared at the screen. “Eileen Saunders jailed for the murder of 2”. His wife looked down at the letter. Written on it was a single line: “I’m sorry dad.”

Shakespearean Sonnet (Sonnet 1)


What exactly is love without heartbreak?

ferocious winds rush through the lonely heart

but love is not always so bad or fake

why must it be that people want to part

love is always described wonderfully

why must love always be so serious

some people describe it so dreadfully

it makes me go mad and delirious

why is it that always I have to pay

I may not know what love feels like at all

why some people want to drown in the bay

but when I do I will stand so so tall

I shall not long for that moment but wait

until then my love I will set a date

Mothers Day Poem


When I first was born,
and held in your arms,
I cried and cried but you held me.

When I wanted to start football lessons,
I was rubbish and bad,
I cried and I cried but you held me.

When I didn’t get the Rubik’s Cube
I was sad and upset,
I cried and I cried but you held me.

And now that I am older
a lot smarter and a lot wiser
I have conquered these things (except football)
but when I was sad
and when I cried
I will always remember
the way you held me.

Dedicated to my mum.

Alone: A Planet Of Nothing (Part 1)


Alone. Gone. Drifting.

Crashing through the rough atmosphere with no hope, I remember the good times. My wife, children and crew. The smile on Captain Lee’s face bringing tears to my eyes, the laughter of my three children too much to bear. I scream, my burning space suit melting and oozing into my wound. I didn’t want to remember, I didn’t want to accept it. I wouldn’t accept it, not now, not ever. My back bending into unnatural positions, my hand vibrating in a convulsive motion, my mind a blur. I thought about the good times, but I also thought of the incident… the face. I try to convince myself that there was nothing I could do, but my tears tell me differently.

I toss and turn in the sky, my final destination a few seconds away. I remember every good thing that ever happened to me, wanting to use my last precious seconds wisely. I would die with the picture of my family sketched into my mind, and there it would stay forever. The ground rushes to me, my mind accepting that the deadly truth. This was it. As I hit the ground, my mind fails my one final task. I picture the explosion, the face of destruction. As I hit the ground, I start to wonder just who… what that creature was…

I open my eyes to the sight of sand, my ears attuning to the world surrounding me. I hear nothing but the wind, the deafening sound of silence to much to bear. I had survived… I had escaped death’s clutches another time. My fingers move and grasp the scorching  sand, my left arm and leg broken. I manage to lift my head up and rest it on the sand. Voluminous mountains stretch across the land, the sand covering the entire ground. The sky is a dark red, the light fading rapidly as I try to drag myself towards an arched rock in the distance. The wind suddenly roars, brushing sand into my eyes. I scream, the sand scratching against my pupils. I blink to remove it, turning onto my back in agony, and only then do I properly see the sky. A gigantic planet covers the sky, its golden rings circling the bright blue giant. Green swirls cover the planet, swirling constantly at a marvelous pace, dazzling my mind. I realise that I haven’t moved in a while, that I have stared into the swirls, my mind in a trance. I look away, and attempt to turn back onto my front to start the journey to the safe heaven. My broken arm gets trapped under my stomach, the pain unbearable, a tingling feeling running up my arm. I scream, my eyes winced. I use all the energy I have left to rush my body up and to use my other arm to move it out of the way. I glance at the swollen mess that used to be my arm. It is pink and boils cover it from top to bottom.

I start my journey, my arm desperately clawing at the sand in an attempt to move forward. I kick my leg and move, this was going to work. I remember my backpack on my back, filled with first aid supplies. Most had been lost during my fall, but I could salvage what I had left, maybe some food, water and bandages. In order to survive on this planet, I will have to lower my expectations.

After hours of crawling and pain, I reached the arched rock. I managed to sit up and slump against the hard but protective wall of rock. I closed my eyes, the landscape drawn in my mind. In my nightmares I view the landscape again, and out of the corner of my eye I see a creature I knew too well…

The Justice Alliance: Raven City (Chapter 1)


Raven City is a dark, damp, evil place. Its towers rise to the highest mountain peaks, with the floors only just starting. 434 floors there are… those monstrous towers. Raven City is not a nice place to be, all dark and mysterious. Ravens fly high above the sky, taking no interest in the world around them, only looking down, acting as security cameras. The ravens are the scariest thing in the city, with blood-shot eyes that never seem to leave your gaze. They are the security cameras of the ‘town of the dreaded’, always looking down at the twisting maze that is Raven City, full of dead plants and menacing creatures.

Raven City is occupied by the most arrogant and the most lethal creatures in the lands. Worse even than the Cleptous in Juenticiana, who have long, sharp and menacing claws. Usually, Raven City and its people are held at bay, by another force. This force knows about Raven City’s creatures, the twisted figures of the Ravens. These creatures wear long, black coats that lie beneath the shoulders while tumbling towards the knees. They have skulls for heads, with a hood covering the revolting head. Their fingers and legs would pierce glass, and the arms and legs are made of nothing but solid titanium. This is what they use whilst attacking, bashing the metal into their opponents flesh.

The twin city of Raven City is otherwise known as Lampus, home of the heroes. These gods and heroes are the other force, knowing all about the creatures of Raven City. They make Lampus their place of origin, and their most noble home. These heroes have the greatest of abilities, from the ability to fly all the way shooting molten lava from their

fingertips. There were multiple heroes, and always growing in population. It’s a complicated procedure, how a hero is gifted with their powers. For starters, a hero is chosen by the God of Destiny. He is over 40 million years old, and he was the one who created the universe.

“My Lord” they would say, “we have come to be chosen”.

“Of course,” the God of Destiny would say, “but there are a few tests that you must overcome in order to be given your gifts. These tests will show  your true emotions, and will let me decide your fate.”. And with that he pulled out a small, metal compass, This is the Happening Compass, the decider of destiny and fate. The God of Destiny threw it into the air. A beam of blinding, white light burst out of the compass, blinding and blocking everything in sight. The soon to be heroes didn’t even blink. This shows signs of the supervision power. “The first test is over, you have been awarded the super-vision power. These tests are to see what powers you have been given from birth. You have been gifted with a few powers, a certain number that we are going to discover today. It appears that you all have the supervision power, this gives you the ability to not be blinded and the ability to zoom in on objects”.

Once more, the God of Destiny thought, before trying out the second test. “The ability of superhuman strength, an important skill. Not necessarily needed all the time, but always helpful.”

“My Lord,” said the hero Vansha, “am I right by saying that we may not be blessed with every power?”

“You would be correct, young one. For only one hero in existence has been gifted with every power. Ability man he was. He spent his entire life fighting for justice, he still does.” said the God of Destiny said, all the while rummaging through a large pot. He pulled out a block of steel. He threw it at the hero Vansha, who was flown back at the impact of the block. He picked it up again, this time aiming for the hero Peamo. Hero Peamo batted it away from his body. This clearly meant that the hero Peamo had been awarded the strength power.

This went on for the rest of the day, as there was a twisting list of possible powers. Peamo was eventually awarded the following powers: Supervision, superhuman strength, flight, time travelling and the translation power. Hero Vansha however, was awarded the powers: supervision, natural disaster power, the super speed power and the intelligence power. With these powers, they could become real, supernatural heroes.

The final test is decided with a device called the Justice clock.  “The Justice clock,” explained the God of Destiny, “is an element of truth, the decider of whether or not a hero- you two noble men- becomes a hero. You passed the power test, now for the second part. The Justice clock will decide whether or not you have the emotions, whether you have the courage to become a hero. If the Justice clock proves hat you only have one of these things, or none at all, then your powers will be stripped from you. If the Justice clock says otherwise, then you will keep possession of your powers, and become a real hero. If you are still a hero, I shall assign you with a city to protect.” He opened the Justice clock and a green light shone brightly out from beneath its lid. “The heart of Justice,” the heroes said in amazement. The God of Destiny didn’t reply, but nodded. A hologram appeared and scanned the heroes. It started off by scanning Peamo first, and it gave a loud, odd noise and then flashed green. It moved over to hero Vansha, but took longer than usual. Vansha was looking worriedly at the God of Destiny. The God of Destiny looked at Vansha suspiciously, all the while eyeing the Justice clock. Suddenly the clock flashed red. “A hero is rejected!” gasped the God of Destiny. But by the time the God of Destiny had had time to react, Vansha was running out of the room. The God of Destiny threw a little ball, made of crystal and emerald. This was the de-power device, used to strip a hero from his/her powers. Vansha opened a steel hatch and climbed in, running in energetically.

“I’m sorry, my son.” the God of Destiny said, as Vansha fell into darkness. In the Juenticianan language, Vansha, means “raven”.



I woke up in California with a jump. I was shaken until I was awoken. It wasn’t the most comfortable way to be woken up. Especially in California. I didn’t know any of the recent events that appeared to happen last night. I wasn’t sure I wanted to either. The hotel room I was staying in was in an uproar. There were pillows everywhere for a start. The feathers had been taken out and I knew then that I must have been in a daze. The furniture had been tossed and turned and was completely up-state. The curtains had been taken out of their sockets and folders and briefcases had been thrown about in a curious manner. I wasn’t sure what I did and I don’t want to really if I’m honest. Although I didn’t want to admit it I knew I had to. But the truth is that I was in big trouble. I don’t know what I was doing last night. However, there were some clues as to what might have happened. For starters there were many bits of paper with peculiar writing on them. They were tossed on the floor and there was signs of a struggle. Perhaps there had been a fight between some people. Or maybe I was at the scene of the crime… If it was a crime…

Things that weren’t meant to happen happened last night. I know what happened. I’m cross with myself for doing it. I had ransacked a businessman’s house and wrecked his things. But I realised then and there that I couldn’t weasel my way out of this one. California is a huge place, it’s in America… One of the largest places in the world. If there was one place I could run of to it would be either another country or simply another city. But I would probably go away to another country, or, even worse… I might hunt savagely in my sleep, like last night. Perhaps the police would come after me…

As I was slowly walking about the businessman’s house I came across something that horrified me. Staring into the bathroom I felt an urge of guilt. I had ruined this mans home. And it was all in my dreams. I looked at the broken things staring me in the face. It was a ghastly sight when I saw the bath. For what I saw now would haunt me forever. The bath was cracked into two parts, each separated by about thirty centimetres. But the horrifying bit was not the bathroom… It was the man. In those thirty centimetres lay the man. Was he dead? By the looks of it I believe that he was. He was scarred and bloody and had bits of metal sticking out of his head. I was horrified…

What can I do now?